A Comparison of Parables – Summation

The Summation of the Rule of God

The Gospel of the Kailedy (Chapter 18)
Yahushua said, “The rule of God is not something which will come suddenly, nor will it bring about a violent change. It is not a change of surroundings, but a change of heart. The changed conditions will be brought about by changes in the heart. No man can say, ‘It is here’ or ‘It is there.’ It is here but waiting recognition. Just as others have heralded my coming, so do I herald the coming rule of God. But its establishment does not depend on anything done by God, but on the actions of men. The kingdom of heaven is where God┬árules in Spirit, but there is that within each man which can extend the kingdom of heaven. When this is drawn out of men while they are on Earth and established here, then the kingdom of heaven will embrace the Earth. When the rule of God is established on Earth, then will the kingdom of heaven come down so heaven and Earth are united in one.”

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