A Comparison of Parables – 10 Lamp Bearers

The Parable of the 10 Lamp Bearers (commonly virgins)

Matthew 25:1-13

The Gospel of the Kailedy (Chapter 17)
“The road to heaven may be likened to ten young women who, taking lamps, went out to meet a bridegroom – five being irresponsible, and five reliable by nature. The irresponsible ones left everything to the last minute and snatched up their lamps forgetting the oil containers were not filled. Because the bridegroom was delayed, all the young women lay down to sleep. But at midnight, there was a shout to say the bridegroom was coming, and to go out and meet him. The young women all arose and trimmed their lamps, but the irresponsible ones, finding theirs going out, said to the others, ‘Let us have some of your oil, for we forgot to fill the containers.’ The others replied, ‘We cannot do this, for we do not have enough oil for all. And if we share with you, there will be insufficient to light the way. It is better we provide light all the way with five lamps than we all provide light for just a short distance.’ The irresponsible ones hastened to the oil vendor, but he would not serve them. And while they were away, the bridegroom arrived. And those who were ready lighted his way and joined the guests at the wedding, the doors then being closed. Later, when the irresponsible ones returned and stood outside shouting to be let in, the doorkeeper said, ‘Who are you? What purpose do you serve? Go away.’ Therefore, I say to you, be always alert, your spiritual lamps trimmed and filled with the oil which gives eternal light. For you never know the hour when you will be called.”

Personal Note:
This parable being listed first is more applicable in the way that I think.  This parable in either of the accounts is about being prepared and always ready to follow.  A number of passages come to mind in this sense:

  1. The story of Rebecca being called to be the bride for Isaac – while I do not attribute this parable to speak of this story directly, Rebecca is ready immediately upon the option of being the bride of Isaac.  Genesis 24
  2. The call of the watchman – The call of the watchman is warn those of what is coming and to identify their sins.  Ezekiel 33
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