A Comparison of Parables – The Unmerciful Servant

The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

Matthew 18:21-35

The Gospel of the Kailedy (Chapter 17)
They who stood about Yahushua asked, “Who is chosen to enter heaven? And how is the selection made?”
Yahushua explained in this manner: “A king decided to collect all debts due and ordered those who owed money to come before him. One of these was so heavily indebted that he was in no position to repay, so the king ordered that he be sold into slavery to satisfy the debt. The debtor begged the king to be patient, saying that, given time, every last farthing would be paid. The king, taking pity on him, released the debtor from his obligations. A few days afterwards, the king’s debtor met a poor man who owed him just a small amount. And the king’s debtor took hold of him and said, ‘Repay the money due to me at once, for I have no patience with defaulters.’ The poor man begged him to be patient, saying that, given time, he would repay in full. But the other would not have it, and had the poor man committed to prison. The poor man’s friends reported the matter to the king, who had his debtor brought before him. And he said, ‘You villain, because you pleaded with me to have pity, I released you from the whole of your debt. Had I not done so, you would have thought me harsh. Yet what consideration have you shown?’ Then the king condemned the man to severe punishment until the whole of the debt was paid. In this manner men are chosen for heaven. And therefore I say very earnestly, deal with others as you would be dealt with, not holding one law in your heart for yourself and letting another issue from your lips for others.

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