A Comparison of Parables – The Weeds (Tares)

The Parable of the Weeds (Tares)

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

The Gospel of the Kailedy (Chapter 17)
“Prepare yourselves for entry into heaven, for this can only be done here and is the purpose of Earth. Do not think that, because you are not immediately chastised, your iniquities are overlooked. A sower went out into his grainfield and sowed with good seed, but during the night, an enemy came and strewed wheat-like weeds over the ground and went away. After the wheat blades had sprouted and the stalks began to form wheatheads, the weeds among them were revealed. Then the field laborer went to the landholder and said, ‘The field was sown with good seed, and yet it is now full of weeds. Shall we go and pull them up?’ The landholder answered, ‘Someone who wishes to harm me has done this. But in pulling up the weeds you may do more damage. Let both grow together until harvesting time. Then the reapers can separate the weeds from the wheat, stacking the weeds for burning, and gathering the wheat into the granary.’
“Therefore, because transgressors go unpunished here, do not think they are overlooked or that there is not a day of accounting. Not a single deed or thought – whether it be good or bad – is overlooked.”
One in the crowd said, “But our thoughts harm no one.”
Yahushua replied, “Only yourself, for thoughts mold, strengthening or weakening the spirit. Is it not written, ‘The nature of man is formed according to his thoughts’?”

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