A Comparison of Parables – The Growing Seed and Measures of Flour

The Parable of the Growing Seed and the woman with measures of flour

Matthew 13:31-35
Mark 4:26-34
Luke 13:18-22

The Gospel of the Kailedy (Chapter 17)
Yahushua was asked, “What then is the spirit? For the Holy Books do not make this clear.”
He replied, “The spirit of man may be likened to a date seed planted in the darkness of the ground, giving no indication to anyone not knowing its nature of what it will become. When the tree springing from it is full grown, it spreads out in the sunshine – a haven for birds and a source of pleasure for men. Or it may be likened to leaven which a woman places in a bushel of flour; there it spreads throughout the whole to change its nature.

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