A Comparison of Parables – The Vineyard Workers

The Vineyard Workers

Matthew 20:1-16

The Gospel of the Kailedy (Chapter 17)
One of the people gathered about Yahushua said, “How should I treat my servants? For I have one who is troublesome – though perhaps it is his youth.”
Yahushua then told this parable: “A man had a garden plot set aside for vines, but a self-planted fig tree grew among them. In the fruiting season, the man came to this plot accompanied by his gardener, who said, ‘This fig tree is interfering with the vines. If it fruited, it might not matter; but as it does not, would it be best to cut it down? For it is only taking goodness from the soil, which could be used more profitably by the vines.’ The man said, ‘Leave it for another season, but give it a little attention. Then if it fails to fruit next season, cut it down. I like figs, but a new cutting might take a long time to mature. And this tree, having chosen its own situation, may yet prove more profitable in this plot than the vines.'”
Yahushua┬ásaid, “If a fig tree grow among vines, if can be left, for both produce good fruit. But if it grow among thorns, then these are cut down and the fig tree left on its own. If a man hire three laborers for his vineyard and there is work only for two, he dismisses the one least worthy of his hire. Yet everyone who labors must be paid his due. But if one pour less than full measure into the task, he cheats no less than one who deceives at the weighing.”

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