A Comparison of Parables – Talents (Gold)

The Parable of Talents (Gold)

Matthew 25:14-30
Luke 19:12-28

The Gospel of the Kailedy (Chapter 17)
“There is another way for separating the wheat from the chaff, illustrated by this parable. A man left for a distant country, but before departing he called his servants to him and entrusted him with his store of gold. To one he gave three bars of gold, to another two bars, and to another one bar, each receiving gold in accordance with his capabilities. The servant who received three bars of gold went and exchanged these for silver, spending this in pleasure and high living, thinking that with all those silver he could have a really good time. The servant who received two bars was a cautious man, and he buried his gold in a safe place, for he thought it best not to take chances with it. The servant who had received one bar went and bought good which he resold, and by this and other efforts he obtained another gold bar, for he thought to himself, ‘As the master did not think me as capable as the others, I must prove I am.’
“When the master returned, he called his servants for an accounting. And the one who had received three bars of gold said, ‘Good master, with so much wealth I could not resist temptation and spent it enjoying myself, never thinking about the day of accounting.’ The master said, ‘You are an untrustworthy scoundrel,’ and he placed him in bondage until the whole of the value was repaid. The man who had received two bars of gold said, ‘Master, I knew you were a hard man and was afraid to take any risks, so I safeguarded the gold; here it is.’ The master said, ‘You have been neither good nor bad, but took your ease while I was away; go about your job, but expect no promotion.’ The man who received one bar of gold said, ‘Having only one bar, I increased it to two, for I knew you would need gold on your return and have been a good master.’ To this one the man said, ‘Well done. you have proved worthy of my trust. I will place you in charge of my treasury.'”

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