A Comparison of Parables – Wedding Feast and Garments

The Parable of the Wedding Feast and Garments

Matthew 22:1-14
Luke 14:15-24
(Gospel of Thomas 64)

The Gospel of the Kailedy (Chapter 17)
Several in the crowd said, “Tell us again about those who enter the kingdom of heaven.”
Yahushua replied with these parables: “Admittance may be likened to a wedding feast prepared by a king for his son. he dispatched servants, inviting many guests. But though each was told, ‘The feast is preparing even now, the geese and beasts are being roasted, the bread is in the ovens, and there is wine on the tables,’ yet those invited ignored the messengers, saying they were too busy with their own affairs, while they abused or even ill-treated them. When this came to the ears of the king, he sent soldiers to take those who had ill-treated his messengers, and confined them in dismal dungeons.
“The king then said to his servants, ‘Though I prepared a sumptuous feast, those I invited were unworthy of the honor I paid them. Go out again and invite any who will come.’ The servants went out into the streets, returning with many persons. However, while they were all seated at the table, the king noticed one who behaved badly, using lewd language to those beside him. The king called two servants and bid them take the man and throw him into the dungeons with the others. But to make sure, he went to one where there was the most filth so he would be in his own element. I have said before, though many are invited, few are chosen. Now I say, many choose not to come.

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